SHG Group

SHG Swiss Hospitality Group

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, SHG Group is an International Hospitality Group which owns its own Hospitality & Business Schools.


SHG has 3 departments:

  • SHG Swiss Education
  • SHG Swiss Hotels
  • SHG Swiss Consulting


SHG Swiss Education


SHG has Hospitality Management Schools teaching bachelor’s degree & MBA in Hotel Management & Tourism. 

Besides hospitality schools, SHG also has primary schools and kindergartens.

SHG Swiss Hotels


SHG has hotels managed from our headquarters in with Switzerland. We have three categories of SHG Hotels: 

3* SHG City Hotels, 4* SHG Hotels & Resort and 5* SHG Hotels & Resorts.

SHG Swiss Consulting


Beside schools and hotels, SHG helps hotel chains to improve their quality of service, marketing and financial management. SHG also helps local governments to promote their regions and countries thanks to global marketing campaigns.

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